Lee Jacobs’ Career

Follow the path that Lee Jacobs has taken in order to become who he is today.

The University of Pennsylvania,


Lee Jacobs graduated from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree of Sociology.

Campus Dock



Lee Jacobs was a Co-Founder of Campusdock.com which was an online marketplace created for students.


Aug 2008 – Aug 2010

Sr. Product Manager

When Comcast acquired Plaxo, Lee assisted on the business strategy and on multiple social media projects.


Oct 2010 – 2013

Founder and CEO

Lee Jacobs was a founder of Colingo and oversaw the business, marketing, and the strategy. Colingo provided an English education to those around the world who did not have access to it.

MHS Capital

Sept. 2014 – June 2015


Lee Jacobs worked as an investor at MHS Capital, where they invested in companies like Thumback, Opower, Outreach, and Udemy.



Dec 2013 – Present

Partner Sept. 2015 – Present

Lee Jacobs was an Advisor at AngelList, before he became Partner. AngelList is an online platform geared to help startups around the world find funding, and Angels.


Founder and Managing Partner

Sept 2015 – Present

Lee Jacobs is a Founder and   Partner at EdelWeiss, a firm of Angels that are intent on helping companies succeed.