Lee Jacobs

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Early Career

Lee Jacobs was an early supporter of AngelList and was the first outside investor to complete a syndicate in 2013 for a top Brazilian education company called Descomplica.  Lee later joined AngelList as a partner where he was dedicated to making it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital. Lee’s work involved working with top angel investors to help them be successful by providing them with access to capital and AngelList’s platform tools. Lee lives in the mission is SF with his wonderful wife Rebecca.

Venture Capital Know-How

Lee Jacobs understands that networking is key to both entrepreneurship and venture capitalism. This focus on people is part of what drove him to found Edelweiss, a venture capital fund focusing on early stage investments in technology companies. With a team of like-minded individuals, Edelweiss set out not just to provide capital, but build relationships. Lee and Edelweiss look for determined individuals with a history of resilience. In the world of startups, it pays to face down challenges, and Edelweiss has cultivated its partnerships with founders that have proven themselves as innovators willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Building Better Startups

At Edelweiss, Lee Jacobs is responsible for business development and recruitment. His experiences in Silicon Valley have made him adept at identifying opportunities and forging mutually beneficial relationships. Lee knows that venture capital is about recognizing the value that entrepreneurs can offer as well as what he can provide them beyond just capital. He is particularly interested in founders with a demonstrated knowledge of consumer needs and the drive to help fill those needs. To him, it’s not just about the money; it’s about the unique mission that each startup can carry out.

People First:  Our investment in Kettle and Fire

People First: Our investment in Kettle and Fire

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Wonderschool and Watching A Founder’s Journey

Wonderschool and Watching A Founder’s Journey

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How to Break Up With Your Investor

How to Break Up With Your Investor

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How To Break Up With Your Co-founder

How To Break Up With Your Co-founder

When an entrepreneur starts their first company, the level of isolation can seem intimidating. It is you against incumbents, other startups, and often many others in your life (who think you are crazy). Such was the case when I set out to start Colingo in 2010....